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      1. Digital factory
        Transformation from "product driven" to "data driven" and from "equipment manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing service"
        Digital factory
        Digital factory
        Baiyun Electric intelligent distribution equipment green digital production base (referred to as "digital factory ") is an international advanced and domestic leading intelligent production base of distribution equipment, and an important carrier to support Baiyun Electric's transformation from "product driven" to "data driven" and from "equipment manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing service", It has been listed as a pilot demonstration project of Intelligent Manufacturing in Guangdong Province, and passed the special project of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the people's Republic of China in June 2018, and passed the national project acceptance in June 2020.
        The main equipment and systems include: flexible assembly line of power distribution equipment, flexible automatic production line of sheet metal, automatic processing line of copper bus, automatic processing line of secondary wiring, as well as intelligent logistics and storage system, energy management system, integrated monitoring system, digital detection system, etc., with the annual capacity of 50,000 medium and low voltage switchgear, and realize the life cycle management of the company's products in urban rail transit and other power supply systems, and become a digital operation platform for linking upstream suppliers and customers.
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